I recently directed my first feature film – SURVIVING CONFESSION – written by Nathan Shane Miller. We are currently in post-production and will be submitting to film festivals later this year. If you're interested in learning more about the film, please visit our website or IMDb page.

I also directed an interactive horror video called REQUIEM. It is also written by Nathan Shane Miller and stars Daniel Ballard, who is co-producing. Please visit and like our Facebook page to be updated when the film is released.

  • Matthew Tibbenham - Surviving Confession

    Surviving Confession (2016)

    A dramatic comedy feature film about a disgruntled priest, who has his world turned upside down when a young teenager comes into his confessional.


  • The Wrong Guys For The Job

    The Wrong Guys For The Job ( 2013 )

    The Wrong Guys For The Job is an interactive web series about two low-level criminals who are willing to take any job they can get to work their way up in the organized crime world.

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  • Sinister

    Sinister ( 2012 ) - Second Unit Director (uncredited)

    Directed by Scott Derrickson; Starring Ethan Hawke

    Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

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  • Take Out

    Take Out (2011)

    Two men mysteriously drink wine and eat Chinese food by candlelight discussing a possible career change. That is until they are soon interrupted by a husband and wife coming home from their own dinner.

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  • Take Two

    Take Two (2010)

    A romantic short film about the one who got away. One night two people, who were once in love, have a chance encounter after not seeing each other for ten years.

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  • The File

    The File (2010) 

    The File is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller set in the near future. It is about what could happen if the government had total control over its citizens and could monitor them through any video source. The government is able to track one man through various sources of video as he tries to escape their hold.

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    With a unique vision and style, I direct stunning films while also getting the best performances out of my actors.


    With elegant descriptions and snappy dialogue, I’m always writing something imaginative, intelligent, and inspiring.


    Painting with light, I work with a variety of digital cameras to create beautiful shot scenes.


    Putting the puzzle together, I shape beautifully shot footage into a comprehensive understandable story.

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